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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

OK so I am about 12 minutes late in wishing those of you in blog-land a very Happy 4th of July - sorry! But I figured I'd wait until I had something to share along with the whole sentimental "I'm so thankful to live in this country" thing ya know? Seriously though - I am. Sure, we are far from perfect but we are SO incredibly blessed and the vast majority of us don't even realize it . . . SO - Happy Independence Day and thank you to all of those who serve our country. :)

We had a nice "slowish" day. Matthew's family came over this morning for an impromptu breakfast which he (Matthew) pulled of beautifully. It started out with red, white and blue pancakes (which were a hit!) and turned into some pan toast, eggs, bacon . . . I think there were bagels and then of course coffee . . . and if you weren't invited I'm sorry - it really WAS last minute. He was pretty much done with our few pancakes when I kindly invited MORE people to come and then he held it off in the oven warming while they came and he made more food. :)

Hmm...Oh and then I took another nap. (this is now two days in a row that I have fallen asleep with Micah and Ella - they are both not well and so we're cuddling at nap time . . . which apparently means Mommy sleeps for 3 hours TOO in the middle of the day.) Don't get me wrong - I will NEVER complain about having had a nap. BUT, it does mean I'm up all hours of the night because I can't sleep - last night was 3am . . . it's already 12:16 now, we'll see how long I last tonight. :)

So then we went over to my parent's house with everybody we know - HA! (except for a few people who shall remain nameless but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.) I have pictures ready to post in order to make you jealous! We had ALMOST as much fun as we normally do (hence those who didn't come being missed!) - and we did NOT get rained on this year - which definately was a plus! The fireworks were good - I get bored after about 3 minutes and wait impatiently for the "big bang ending"- that's my favorite part. :) Micah stayed inside during the fireworks because they scare him - and Grampy Tim stayed with him because, well, he likes the air conditioning and prefers to watch his fireworks from the TV (the Washington show was better than Sanford's, go figure!)

Here are some pictures from today - enjoy!

In order to make "you" jealous - you know who you are!! Here "we" are trying desperately to have fun without ya! :DSo here are Alex and Ella - Sara (my sister in law) took these - aren't they so cute together? :)

And Micah, you rock dude! :)

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Statton Family said...

Oh Micah is so awesome! That last picture of him with the glowy ring on his lip is the best ever! He's such a prince! I love him!