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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rose's Girls

Tuesday I spent the evening with a FUN group of girls. :) These ladies are all in middle and high school, and the thing they have in common is Ms. Rose. Ms. Rose makes herself and her home available to kids in the area - if they need anything, even a place to be - she's available. She really has an incredible ministry with the locals kids in our area!

Anyways, my mom and some girls from our church meet up with Rose's Girls once a month or so - just to hang out and do GIRLY stuff. :) This time we thought it'd be fun to do some nice photographs of them - something they can have in their hands and see just how beautiful they are. And hopefully they'll realize that while they are beautiful on the outside, it is the INSIDE that God looks at, and the inside that really counts. Outer beauty fades . . . But their inner beauty can be used to bring glory to God.

Here's a picture of Ella - she cracks me up. She was certain it was her birthday party - ever since Micah's birthday she's been anxiously awaiting her own party. She followed all of the girls around, covered in chocolate ice cream, humming Happy Birthday to herself. :)

My Heart

And here's a little peek at the girls - what a group, eh?? We had SUCH a nice time. The weather was beautiful, and I had a few minutes with each of them - hopefully they'll really see just a little bit of how amazing they are in their portraits.


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Anonymous said...

Very cool ministry! For Ms. Rose and for you! I think that is wonderful how you used your photography talent for the Lord. You never know how that may impact the girls.