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Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Favorites - Victor

I realized this morning that I was never finished with sharing my favorite pictures from the Mom's Group Session last month! I've somehow neglected sweet little Victor and I must remedy that IMMEDIATELY! (Plus, his mom and dad are very good friends of mine and I'm a little afraid of retalliation!!) :)

So here is Victor, in all his grinning glory. He was SO funny! As I photographed each of the other babies, I'd hear a little giggle behind me and sure enough! It was Victor, having crawled over to get in on the session! He'd crawl RIGHT in front of the other baby, and then reach up to the camera and give me a HUUUUGE smile! That smile is my favorite part of Victor - and it is a perfect mix of both of his parents' smiles! The first picture (at the top of the blog) was taken during one of the other babies' session . . . I heard some tapping and some faint shrieking - turned around, and THERE he was! :)