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Friday, July 11, 2008


Title says it all - we're goin' to Canada!! Yippee!!! I am SUPER duper excited - we'll be visiting with my grandparents who I rarely get to see, aunts, uncles, cousins . . . and the COOLEST part is that we're crashing at Heather and Dave's place - YEAH baby!! :D They get to put up with me and my neurotic self for a week - ha!

Oh and do you want to know the B-E-S-T part?! We're going for 70 bucks. Nope, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Seventy dollars - American. Here's the story:

Two days ago Matthew and I decided that for real we needed a trip together, without the kids. Hard to do that without spending muchos dinero, si? Well, we remembered that he had a free flight with USAirways and we'd just have to find a muchos cheap-o one for me. Found one for me, it was "relatively cheap" considering we'd only have to buy one. Went to get Matthew's free voucher (fortunately before purchasing mine!) and realized......it is GONE. Looking back, we think we threw it away - not just his fault, not just mine (thank GOD)......but together, somehow, we managed to be dumb enough to throw it away. Talk about annoying and a major mood killer!

He went downstairs to play Mario Cart with Micah (Micah is getting really good at it - check it!) and I came back to the computer thinking that MAYBE I could fix this. (By the way, airlines are NOT interested in helping you out when you've misplaced - or chucked - a free flight voucher. You KNOW that they have record of it somewhere, how else would they verify your ability to actually use it? But they don't mind leaving you totally hanging.)
So back to my story - I remembered our Skymiles. We've been using this AmEx card for like, 7 years - surely by now we'd have a few miles, right?? Well, we did - enough to get BOTH of us to Canada and have some miles left over!! YIPPEE!!! I don't know if I've seen Matthew smile that big in a while - both of us jumped up and down for a minute or two, we're so excited! Time to ourselves - real time - for the first time in 5 years . . . and we also get to hang with some great friends who just happen to be family as well!I'm just excited, that's all. :)


IVMarz said...

That is awesome!! Yahoo for you two :o) When do you go? Was that picture taken at Willow Tree?

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

We go in the middle of August - and yes, that's the Willow Tree!! :D we should do lunch there someday . . .

Anonymous said...

YIPPPPPEEEEE!!!! HOOOOORRAAAAYYY!!!! We'll go to Tim Hortons everyday, I promise!! Oh gosh, my ribs already hurt just thinking about all the laughing that's coming....