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Thursday, July 31, 2008

David & Sophia: DELIGHT (part 2)


Met up with little David and Sophia again this morning - the weather was not so good during our session a couple weeks ago, so we we've been holding out for a beautiful morning when we could get some pictures of them together. :) They were done with me (and the weather) before we go to their "brother/sister" pictures last time - today was all about them together.

David loves his sister - and she loves him too. Maybe with a little bit of the eye-rolling "yes he's squeezing me AGAIN" love, but still, she loves him. :) Here are a couple of pictures - they're really the funny out-takes but they made me laugh out loud when I saw them - so instead of immediately sharing the good ones with mom and dad, I'll share these to start. :) Nice to see you again Stephanie and I hope these make you laugh too! :)

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