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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another shout out - Happy Birthday Sarah!

My sister, Sarah, turns 25 tomorrow - July 9th. Isn't she lovely? For those of you who have been fooled into thinking that she actually IS older than me all these years - well, you're wrong. :) She and her husband live in the Philippines as missionaries so she's not exactly close enough for me to celebrate with her.

In order to make this festive, I've put together a little YouTube video and have some pictures to include in this blog. (She can't see the video until they get to a better internet connection, so the pictures are for now and the video later.) Here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndvFsT4Elfw

Sarah, I absolutely miss you every single day, and I wish you were closer. I am so thankful to have you as my sister - you're the best #2 sister I could have gotten! I hope you have a very special day with your family and we're all praying that the "you know what" disease leaves you soon - maybe in time to celebrate?? :) haha

Oh and I'm not sorry at all if these pictures embarass you :) AND - I obviously didn't "take" these pictures, my watermark is only on them in the hopes that they might be at least a little protected from wierdos. :)

Happy birthday Sista - I hope it's a good one! :D


Markus and Sarah said...

Aww Elisabeth...I loved it! Thanks so much! I kept waiting for the embarassing pictures, but they never came. So for that, I love you even more. :-) Too bad my little secret's out now about not actually being older than you, but I stopped spreading that rumor once I hit my senior year in high school when I realized that no one believed me anymore. I love you too, and hope you know that you're the best "first" sister ever!!(And Joanna you're the best "third" sister and Lydia of course you're the best "fourth" sister since I know you both will be reading this and get insanely jealous unless I clarify myself.) Miss you! Kisses to your two beautiful pumpkins!

lydia said...

love this elisabeth! and i love you too sarah!
-love the all-time favorite :)

Esther Meisel said...

how fun Elisabeth! your youtube thing was full of memories...
thanks for remembering sarah's b-day in such a special way.

Statton Family said...

That video is the best!!! I have a picture of Stephanie in that birthday hat just like Sarah. I think they had class together that year. Sarah, you were the cutest little kid!

eba said...

Oh, lovely, Elisabeth! I agree with you, Sarah is a wonderful sister (in law) - and those photos show that she is more than just sweet - she is full of fun! And that's good!

I'm off to see the video this very moment! :D


eba said...

Oh, my word, that youtube was awsome! What a sweetie! :D And great job, Elisabeth! ;)