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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Just In!

A new way to view your images . . . of course you'll still have your online gallery to look through, share with your family and friends, and make your selections from - but THIS . . . this is strictly something to enjoy and immerse yourself in for a few minutes. :) I started making these for clients - and yes, you can purchase a DVD of your slide show - but these are more to give you a first WONDERFUL glimpse at your images!

I know I mentioned doing this before - and that program . . . well, it did not do a good job of living up to my standards. Not that I have rediculously high standards but this new company does a FABULOUS job with their program and the slide shows that are generated from it come out a THOUSAND times better. SO this is good for YOU! :) (And me, because sometimes I just sit here and watch old slide shows of past clients . . . I'm so stinkin' nostalgic!)

Alrighty then - so here's a slide show for the AWESOME Emily and Jessica - two girls who I've known for a LONG time - and this session they did for their parents for Christmas. What a great gift, if I do say so myself! :) Enjoy! (And imagine YOUR beautiful face and family on your very own slide show!) ;) (OH - and depending on your type of internet access, this may or may not work - and it might take a little bit to load. Sorry about that - you can also go to www.elisabethnixonphotography.com/wilson to view if it's easier) :)

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IVMarz said...

That is such a Great idea for a Christmas gift! Those pictures are so fun and beautiful - well done!