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Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Ethan

So now I have been lucky enough to photograph TWO baby Ethans . . . and since both of their moms are my friends, I guess it means I can't use the name "ethan" at all for the future Nixon baby, huh? ;) Ethan's mom and his big sister came over yesterday for a last minute newborn session - his mom and I have been wanting to get together for some time (she is also a local photographer) and we just haven't made it happen. Ethan made his appearance 2 weeks ago and she emailed a day ago or so to see if I had any time . . . of COURSE I have time for newborns! (Especially when they just stay and visit - that's the best kind of "session"!) :)

She and I had a very good time posing this little dude, trying out stuff we're always hesitant to try for the first time on a baby whose parents we don't know . . . so that was fun. He's our little guinea pig I guess! Micah played with Ethan's big sister and Ella harrassed us - all in all, it was a great morning. :) Melissa, I'm so glad you came over yesterday - it was really nice to meet Ethan and spend some time with you guys - I hope we continue to do it more often!!

So here are some of Ethan's pictures - isn't he ADORABLE!? And who does he remind you of in this first picture? (Hint: a baby of the SAME name born a year and a few months ago . . . ) ;)

Lastly, here's Ella . . . dressed as a dragon. She was in the way a lot of the time but she's so cute . . . who cares, right?? ;)


Brandi said...

Baby Ethan is so beautiful and the photos are fabulous!!

Dana said...

You did a fabulous job; the photos and Mr. Ethan are gorgeous! :)

Sara said...

Beautiful! Ethan just just precious!

Meg Caton Photography said...

Love them all. Ethan is just a sweet baby. I know Melissa appreciates them! Beautiful.

Melissa Lewis said...

He is the CUTEST baby boy EVER!

THANKS so much...I could thank you forever. They are beautiful!!!