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Monday, November 3, 2008

Emily: Where do babies come from?

Last night I was at Awana, as I always am on a Sunday night. My Cubbies are such a special group - they are 3 and 4 years old, and for some of them, this is the first time they've been in a "class" before - other than nursery - at church. They each memorize Bible verses at home and recite them to us (so cool!) and we have a time where we sing some awesome songs together (Deep & Wide, anyone??) and of course game time and story time . . .

So last night, I walked with my kids into "big church" so they could join the older clubs while doing the Pledges to the different flags - American Flag, Christian Flag, The Bible, and the Awana Flag. Afterwards we all sat down - and one of my very special friends, Emily, asked me to sit next to her. She had about a 1/2 of a foot next to her and the arm on the pew. Now, I'm not exactly "great with child" but even when not pregnant, I don't fit in just a 1/2 foot space. However, I of course obliged, and squished myself in at an angle and sideways. (Great view for all of those sitting behind me, I'm sure.)

She was all squished up against The Baby - and leaned over and started rubbing my belly. (I'll add here that I don't normally let the kids rub my belly and get this close - but Emily is about as close as you can get to family without being family - so it's OK . . . not wierd, I promise!) So she looks up at me and says, "Auntie Elisabeth, is this your baby?" I told her yes, it was. We quietly talked about how she would wait to have a baby in her tummy when she was a Mommy and was married to a Daddy - I figured this was NOT the time to get technical on her . . . I'll leave that to her mom for a few years down the road. :)

Then she said this -

"My mommy got us a baby. (Ethan) She went to the baby dentist. Then she had a baby in her tummy too. That's where we got our baby from. I won't get a baby until I'm a mommy, but then I'll go to the baby dentist too."

I SWEAR. I am NOT making this up. (you can't possibly make this stuff up!) I smiled and committed it to memory, hoping I'd tell her mom before I forgot. I figured this would be a special place to "commit it to memory" . . . because it is just too sweet not to mention. :) So yes, babies come from the baby dentist, in case you didn't know. Ahh, the wisdom of the young . . . and the utter innocence. :) I love it.

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