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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Bravo Family

Yesterday afternoon I met up with the Bravo family for another quick mini-session - the time FLIES during these sessions! I think, though, that because we're on a bit of a time crunch, we are WAY more productive and are powering out tons of great options . . . evidenced by the fact that I have WAAAYYY too many pictures to edit and sort through! :)

These guys were great - and they were up for me dragging them all around downtown Sanford. (Thanks guys!) :) Giovanni did well with the walking too - by the time we'd reached our next destination, he'd be ready to give me a few more great shots - and then we'd move on again. :) I think, though, that I was not NEARLY as entertaining as the rocks he collected . . . if I WAS that entertaining I would have been a much bigger hit with him. ;)

Ayleen and Karel - it was great to meet you guys (finally!) and I really hope that you like your preview. :) To Ayleen and all the crew at "the office" . . . have a great day! ;) (You guys are awesome - ha!)





And my FAVORITE sequence of the day - Giovanni was SUPER proud of himself after he tackled mom!

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