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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Nicholas Family

Early this morning, Micah and I got up, dressed, and went out to meet with Jessica and her family to do their Christmas pictures. They attend the same church as us and we figured it would be a good use of time to meet ahead of Sunday School for their family pictures. (The kids are all up early-ish, why not?!) Poor Emily and Ethan were shivering as I stood them in the shade - but that's definately preferrable to squinty eyes when in the sun. :)

These guys are no strangers to my blog - just a couple of weeks ago Emily was the subject of an entry. I always feel bad though - since the kids "know" me, we have a harder time getting them to work with me - just like my OWN kids. (I absolutely CANNOT photograph my own kids to save my life!) That's why Micah came along - he was my assistant this morning - his job was to pop out from behind me and shout, "SURPRISE!" "Peek-a-boo!" And it did work . . . a little too well though. I have lots of pictures with all FOUR of them (mom and dad too!) looking at Micah instead of me . . . somehow I have to figure out a way to get him (Micah) to be on my back and lean out from behind me . . . that might work. :)

Anyway, Jessica KNOWS I don't "do" family portraits . . . I'm always MORE than happy to DO them . . . but I will never try to convince you that they are a strong talent of mine - they sort of confuse me. :) Trying to get more than 2-3 people to look at a camera and all smile at the SAME time . . . I think it would just work better if I had, like, 8 hands . . . and maybe 3 heads too. Either way - we managed to get some good family pictures and of course LOTS of sweet pictures of the kiddos. :)

Stephen and Jess - I hope you like them - I'm sorry I'm not "better" at this . . . but it's KINDA your fault too . . . if your kids didn't know me so well, it might work better! (And I'm so glad they do, so don't take them away ok?) ;)







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