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Friday, November 7, 2008

Ooooohhhhh...Victor Vito, and Freddy Vasco . . .

OK so that means nothing to anybody else - unless you are also a Laurie Berkner fan? (She sings the silliest children's songs . . . ) Anyway, this is Victor - and whenever I think of him, I get this happy little tune in my head.

So. Here's Victor - who at first was not SUPER thrilled to see me . . . I wonder why?? Anyway, I think he was saving his biggest smiles for my son, Micah - who I've decided will forever be my assistant when it comes to sessions for children of this age. He just gets them giggling and laughing - it's so funny. :) Victor just laughed and laughed with micah - they chased each other - super cute. :)



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IVMarz said...

AAAAHHHHH!!!! i love them!!! You are the bomb, baby! :o) Our "pajamas" definitely don't look like pajamas... we just look like we were working out ;o) maybe next year...