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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Promise: Andy & Beth

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a wedding. Not too windy, just a bit cloudy, blue skies (and only a little bit of rain at just the right times) . . . and a bride and a groom so excited to promise themselves to each other. I met Beth several months ago at a local hospital where she is a nurse - working with mamas and their brand new babies. (She also told us that just a could days ago SHE delivered a baby in the parking lot!! How cool is THAT?) The circumstances weren't great for meeting Beth but I sincerely hoped I would be able to photograph her wedding (and get to know her better!)

My wish came true - she called a couple months ago, plans had changed with their photographer and they were in need of another - YAY for me! :) The three of us met over hot chocolate and coffee, discussing the day. Strangely enough, we spent more time talking about how much we had in common (as couples) - her husband and mine liking almost the same things, having hiked the same places in Tennessee . . . and Beth and I are also strangely alike - she's the blonde-haired blue-eyed version of me! She played trumpet in school (as did I) . . . and marched of course. She played soccer & football - as did I . . . her hair is normally worn in, what we refer to as, "the bun" - and anyone who knows me KNOWS that mine was ALSO worn in that particular way until I got drastic and chopped it all off. (I encouraged her to try something new but her hair is WAY too beautiful to go chopping it off.) :) Anyway, we did manage to do some "wedding talk" and the days started counting down.

She had this day planned perfectly - all by herself. :) I have never seen somebody more organized, in control - and completely CALM regardless of how things were going . . . Beth totally rocked her wedding. :) Andy has so much to be proud of! She and the bridesmaids laughed and reminisced as they got ready, the boys surfed and then helped decorate . . . the whole day was so great! Beth met her dad downstairs . . . and he walked her outside to the beachfront. Andy waited proudly - what a smile was on his face as he saw her coming. The ceremony was beautiful - and not just because of the weather. :) Their vows, the pastor's words, their "unity sand" . . . all of it mixed together for a casual and yet very special ceremony - and then they were hitched! :) Pictures flew by, the rain dropped in for a quick visit JUST as we finished up - and then all enjoyed some YUMMY food and great fellowship.

Beth and Andy - thank you SO much for including Jordan and myself in your wedding - I know I speak for both of us when I say that you both are a very special couple, and we are excited for you as you begin your married life together. Congratulations and we hope you have a WONDERFUL time on your cruise! Here's your sneak peek. :)

(Special credit is definately due to Jordan who totally made my day by agreeing to shoot with me! Thanks so much, my friend - it was so great and I hope we do this more often!)
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Mary said...

Beth was right when she said she had the best photographer in the world! The pictures taken are beyond phenomenal and they captured those special moments beautifully and perfectly. Awesome work!!

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

that's so sweet - thank you so much! It was a beautiful day and it's so easy to photograph people like Beth and Andy who are SO much in love :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, so beautiful! I especially love the picture of Beth in her wedding dress holding her boutique and with the guys with there hands crossed. But they all were so wonderful.