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Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Sun-Shiney Day

Yesterday when Olivia woke up the kids had been outside playing for a couple of hours. So, she wanted to join them. (of course.) Ella had her dollhouse & the doll family outside and Olivia LOVES to eat them. The two girls sat next to each other, Ella playing dollhouse, Olivia eating the dollhouse, Ella blowing bubbles, Olivia eating bubbles - fun, eh? :)

It was SO gorgeous - the sun was JUST perfect - and I realized, duh, THIS is why I have a camera! So I ran to grab a couple of pictures of my girls. :) Both are getting SO big, and this is the best I can do to slow them down....just preserve the moments when I get a chance!




Lydia said...

beautiful girls! that second one of ella is amazing! hugs and kisses! :)

The Røsviks said...

Love these girls! I miss them!

Anonymous said...

so pretty. what a happy day. mom

Anonymous said...


joanna said...

awww... i love the one of ella. she is so beautiful! and olive of course... great pics!