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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Meisel Family {Central Florida Family Photography}



This family is very special to me....they share my maiden name. :) This is one of my cousins (J) and his family. They were visiting Florida at Christmas time (yes they got to come TWICE this year - both at Thanksgiving AND Christmas - how lucky are they??) and we made some time for some pictures. I was a TOTAL spazz and didn't take ANY pictures of their family while they were here at Thanksgiving and I desperately needed to make up for it. I have pictures of my other cousins (and their families) that I'll share as well - but I'll start with J's family since they are freshly edited and ready to go!

Poor little J was a bit tired but he pulled through and gave us some beautiful pictures. The sun was setting (my FAVORITE time of day!) and we were rushing to finish before dinner - a feast of venison with the family! - but I'm so glad we took the time that we did to do these. I was unable to post just one or two favorites - so you get the whole bunch - here's a slideshow for ya! Enjoy!


Markus and Sarah said...
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Markus and Sarah said...

Whoops, didn't mean to delete my comment! Anyway, those are amazing pics of a beautiful family! Such great shots! Loved every one!

Elisabeth said...

Wonderful pictures! I really love them both :)