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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cousin #3....Another Meisel Family {Central Florida Lifestyle Photographer}

This is the last of the Meisel cousins...three cousins on the Meisel side of my family and we (the "rest" of the Meisel clan) are so pleased that the three of them were given such amazing wives and blessed with such precious families. Honestly...my family rocks. On "all" sides we are blessed.....the Jones side, the Meisel side...Nixon side...even the Rosvik side. (You all knwo who you are!!) It doesn't seem "right" that one family should have such awesome people in it...but then again, none of us are perfect. But we love each other just the way God made us. ;)

This is D's beautiful family. Little M is SUCH a hoot. She makes the BEST expressions (see the picture below where mom and dad are kissing her cheeks!) and she makes you work for her smiles. I love it when you work for a smile because that means it's a smile of great worth...unlike Olivia's - she just hands them out to anybody and everybody. ;) Shoot - I've seen her grinning away at the wall....seriously, that kids just thinks EVERYTHING is funny!

But little M thinks things through....needs to get to know you a little bit....but she lights up for her daddy and mommy!! So here's another installment from way back - Thanksgiving - it's sad it's taken me this long to post about it. :)






Hee hee!




And on a "business" note...the Valentines Day Mini Sessions are a great opportunity for a few pictures like this of your family. :) D & J's pictures (above) were all done in just a few minutes...it doesn't take long to get a few beautiful pictures of your family, loving on each other. Afterall, it is the holiday to celebrate love. :)


Aunt Becky said...

Thanks for posting pictures of our three beautiful grandchildren! (-: You do such an amazing job Elizabeth!! Praying God keeps you busy enough to enjoy and help you but not so much that you're overwhelmed!
Love you!
A Becky

Erica Clements, Photographer said...

The third one is my absolute fav! I love how she is squishing her face! These are all gorgeous though. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a good lookin' family! CLEARLY they are your relatives =) Really great pictures, Elisabeth!!