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Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentines Mini Sessions 2010 - {Central Florida Children's Photography}

I figure it won't hurt to get a little head start on these Valentines Day Sessions. :) I'll just share a couple of my favorites so far....and THANKS to the moms and dads who brought their kids out - it was so fun...I got REALLY sunburnt though. HOW?!? I don't know...but I did. I now look like a lobster, thanks to el sun-o burning in the sky-o. Sorry it's been a whole week since blogging...I'm SUCH a bad blogger!!

These two little ones are probably easily recognizable by now on the blog....I get to see them every year and a half or so for their mini sessions. :) They had their sessions back to back and it gave Little V and M some time to play. Ha! They also took most of V's session because they were having WAY too much fun. SO poor V has los of M in his pictures. Boy...that gets confusing, eh?



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IVMarz said...

lol - those pictures capture their personalities. They look like Victor is trying to talk Michael into some mischievous plan... "I don't know, Victor" "Come on, it'll be fuuuuuuuun..." Can't wait to see the rest :oD