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Friday, January 22, 2010

Olivia is 9 Months Old!

Well, she was yesterday. Today she is 9 months old and one day. It seems like just yesterday she arrived....well, anyway - in honor of her sweet little self, here are some pictures from yesterday - Enjoy! If you want some more, I'll be posting them on our "family/ministry" blog (here)....rather than all on one place, annoying you with a huge post. :) Happy Friday!!




Oh, those eyes. These are NOT enhanced - I swear!! :)


Nibbly little toes...


She's teething - so the tongue is ALWAYS out, pushing on her sore gums.


Olive's crazy hairs :)





Happy 9 Months, sweet baby girl!! iloveyousomuch



Lydia said...

this is my favorite post you have ever done! oh olivia i miss you!

The Røsviks said...

Oh olive juice, you are the sunshine of my life and I desperately want to squeeze you and kiss you and hug you right now!! I miss you so much and I think you and your mommy need to get on an airplane RIGHT NOW (after you buy a snowsuit and lots of woolen underwear) and come to visit us! I love you! (And I agree with Lydia! BEST POST EVER!)

Lydia said...

okay, i have to comment again. i love her! and you!

The Røsviks said...

Yeah...me too...I just can't not comment again. I keep coming here every day just to look at her sweet little face.

IVMarz said...

at least there's no fighting here about who loves Olivia more ;o) Awesome pix, E!! I love the different expressions, moments captured. On the other blog the one of Ella with her hands by her face is Fantastic. She looks so much older! See you in the morning... yahoo!

hjemme bra said...

so sweet!!!