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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The C Family {Central Florida Lifestyle Photographer}

Happy Sunday! It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in Florida...about 75 degrees out and the skies are just clear blue. I LOVE the "winter" here in Florida - I love the way our clouds are whispy and stretch across the sky- if there even ARE any out there. I love how the sky is often a clear bright blue and it feels almost close enough to touch. I love how the breeze comes right across our back yard into the house....the kids get a bit chilly but that's why we have sweaters, right?

I met up with the C family for their Christmas Mini Session a couple of weeks ago. Three boys - these guys have their hands full but Oh my goodness - they are just such sweet boys! The older brothers clearly dote on the youngest - and HE is just a little spitfire. :) Absolutely bursting with personality and his own ideas, he keeps the family on their toes. I think he also provides a ton of comic relief - I can't see how they ever STOP laughing!

They pulled up and the older boys got out - after I completely butchered one of the boys' names (who SO politely corrected me THREE times before I actually heard what he was saying - silly me!) out of the car comes the littlest dude. Completely rocked out - ready to go - in his sunglasses....upside down. :) He realized his mistake and fixed them pretty quickly. Mom says he wears them ALL.THE.TIME. he really wanted to wear them in our pictures but we managed to convince him to take them off for a few minutes at a time...turns out he didn't need them to be awesome afterall! :)

Sharmon, I hope you guys LOVE these pictures of your family. I enjoyed meeting you all SO much and especially had fun playing with the boys. They are three of the sweetest and fun guys I've met in a while!


I totally think these brothers could be in some sort of band - like the Jonas Brothers...seriously, how cute are THEY?!?!



Meet the boys - the oldest...


The middle brother...


And the littlest...


See....we made a "star" for Christmas! Fun, eh?? :)


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Anonymous said...

haha! These boys ARE super cute! Definitely band material.

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