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Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Tis The Season...& the R Family {Central Florida Family Photographer}

...For Christmas Minis! :) Well, that and family sessions! I've been quite busy the last few weeks, and MAN is it rough. I have to go and hang out with really great people - I mean, the kind that snuggle their kids, laugh and play - you know, the real FAMILY types. :) The daddies that adore their girls and smile proudly at their sons, the mommies who twirl and dance, chase and tickle. Yup, it's rough being a family photographer....NOT!

I love it (obviously)...I love meeting all of these people and giving them pictures that they will {hopefully} cherish for years. :) I love seeing them interact with each other and capturing the smiles, kisses, snuggles...the sparkly eyes and mischevious grins. :) So that's my "great" excuse for being MIA so much - holiday "busy-ness" but hey, what a great reason right? I'm outside in the beautiful Florida fall weather, photographing these awesome people....what more could I ask for, right? :)

Here's a little preview for the R family -- I had a wonderful time with them at the park. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see the sun streaming through the trees like it did....we were there at an absolutely PERFECT time and the girls were SO sweet and so fun to be with! Hope you guys love your preview!!






Lastly, my two FAVORITES from this family session. I {LOVE} them!!



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