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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Studio News

So I figured I'd give a little bit more information about the upcoming studio/office that I'm working on. The location is TOP SECRET - Ok not really, we're renovating our downstairs "formal dining/living room" into the office & studio. We've never used this room - the kids use it to run races in because it's been empty of furniture and full of "stuff". Well I've staked my claim on this room and it's coming along nicely!

Here's what we're working on - as seen on my "idea board" or whatever you want to call it. :)

idea board

You'll notice the lamps, couch, and decor all nicely go along with "my" color. (Yes, I consider them to be MINE even though a million other people use blue and green!) And we've picked up the lamps, tables etc recently and the're getting put together. This week Matthew's putting the lighting in (gotta have some nice spotlights to show off the canvases on the wall, ya know?) and then hopefully this weekend he'll build the BEST part of the whole studio. My gallery wall. See it in the picture? I've totally "stolen" this idea but he's building a GORGEOUS "frame" for the tv - basically turning the wall into one big gallery. So not only will it be filled with beautiful pictures - framed & canvas - but THIS is where you will come, sit, relax, sip on a coke and eat some snacks.....AND WATCH YOUR GALLERY IN STYLE! :) I'm so excited - no longer will you be forced to look at small pictures on your computer, wondering if your colors are "right" - surely I didn't mean for you to be green right?! - no ma'am! You'll be able to see the pictures nice and big - as I've always dreamed of showing them. :)

Rather than try to figure out what on EARTH I am talking about when it comes to canvases, prints, albums and other products - you will be able to look at them - as closely as you want. :) You can pick 'em up, flip through the pages....you'll know exactly what you're getting as far as quality and product. The way it's meant to be. :)

Anybody as excited as I am?!? Geesh - you'd think I was buying a new house or something! I would show pictures of the room now but unfortunately it looks like Ikea threw up so I'm going to save that for another time. :) Don't worry, I'll keep you updated! ;)

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Melissa Lewis said...

excited for you Elisabeth!!!

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