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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Minis - Prieto Family {Central Florida Lifestyle Photographer}

It was just wonderful to spend some time with the Prieto family again this year. She made my WHOLE year when we met last time and she told me she'd been following my blog since I'd posted pictures of Ella running around in a cute little outfit. That happens to be this post. That's a long time! I could barely believe it but she totally described Ella's outfit perfectly . . . she really DID read my blog! (Even as I write that I have a bit of a hard time thinking there's much worth reading on here, but perhaps you all aren't coming for my musings and contemplations, eh?)

Anyway, when she emailed about doing her Christmas pictures again this year I was SOO happy! Not only are they just such great people, her son is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL little boys I have ever seen. And he looks EXACTLY the same, just a little older - I hope I get to see him grow up some more in the coming years - he's just such a cutie!!

Ayleen & Karel, it was a joy to spend some time with you - I'm sorry that the dark crept on us so soon....this time of year just isn't conducive to natural light photography in the evenings.





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