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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cookies & A Wedding {Central Florida Wedding Photography}

Good Morning. :) I discovered something about myself yesterday and finally answered a questions I've been dying to get to the bottom of. Why don't my cookies turn out right? Now don't get me wrong - they don't turn out BAD, but they're never quite RIGHT either. They taste great but the texture is off and they are either too flat or they don't hold together and they end up as cookie "crumbles".

Want to know why? Because I don't follow the recipe. Yesterday I made some cookies for my sister, Sarah, while I was at her house. Turns out if you actually READ and FOLLOW the recipe, they turn out GREAT. Just like they're supposed to. That means you don't throw "all" the wet stuff together and cream them - you just cream the butter, sugars & vanilla. THEN you add the eggs in, one at a time, beating well. Makes a HUGE difference. Did you know that?!?

So this brings me to what I learned about myself. :) Rather than stopping to read directions, follow directions....learn the "right" (and usually easier) way to do things, I just keep on doing it the way I've always done it - or always seen it done. KNOWING that it doesn't turn out "quite right" - maybe not wrong but dang it took me forever to get there! - rather than taking the time to figure out how to do it the RIGHT way. Funny, eh? So I guess that makes me lazy. :)

(I'm even too lazy to write my own name most of the time - family and friends just get an "E" - which is rather confusing. In fact, with our thank you cards and all, they just an "M,E,m,e,o" :) haha!)

What's a post without a picture?? This is the LOVELY Leslie and handsome Kyle - they were married about a month ago and I'm finally getting to blogging them. I'll have more in the coming days. It was a gorgeous day - the most perfect light - and a sweet ceremony. :)


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