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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Out-Takes, Part 1

Is it Outtakes....OutTakes....Out-Takes....Out Takes....Take Outs??? Oh well. Here they are. And because she's the one that suggested it, Veronica's little one is the first "take out"! :)

Here are two of the happiest babies - at one of their lowest moments. No, this is not the reaction I NORMALLY get from my babies - but it IS the reaction of two babies who don't know each other REAL well . . . and you know how it goes. When one cries, the rest will follow! :) (Baby E started it!!) :D Both pictures are from the same day - but about 30 minutes apart - I did NOT make them do things they didn't like, I promise!! :)

Here are two of my favorite little people. Sweet Mere is the focus and apparently little Anna thought nobody could see her. Hee hee! D - don't you just LOVE this?? hahaha!!! :D

And THIS is the result of a mother/daughter picture - nobody got wet - although THAT would have made for a FANTASTIC "take out" :)

Ok so I have some more "take outs" but I figure I won't overload them all on one day - i'll save the rest for tomorrow! :)


Statton Family said...

I just LOVE that picture of my girls! :) I never realized Anna was doing that. Typical Anna! I love the one of Jess. She's a hot mama!

And, the pictures of you and Micah are sooo sweet! He's so precious!

IVMarz said...

hahahahaha... the thorns among the roses... still beautiful pix!!!