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Friday, June 27, 2008

My Favorites - Michael

And now, another installment of my favorite images from the mom's group mini session. This is Michael, and he reminds me so much of my own kids when they were babies. Each little roll on his arms and legs remind me of the MANY rolls on my own kiddos and BELIEVE me - I spent a LOT of time kissing all of those squishy rolls (only on my own children of course!).

ANY-who, Michael wasn't really sure what to think of me or the big camera either - but as soon as he looked at his mama he'd get a smile and you could just see his eyes relax and connect with her, "it's OK, my mama is right there" - SO sweet. :) Here's the handsome little dude himself - OH - and CHECK OUT his rockin' shoes!


hjemme bra said...

Love those photoes!!!

Thanks for tagging me :-)
Interesting questions - but too hard for me to answer in a not too personal way... So, I hope it's ok that I don't do it...

Have a lovely summer!

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Don't worry - I won't feel bad! :) It's totally just for fun, and only if you want to. :)

Anonymous said...

soo many similarities to Benjamin! the arms, the cheeks, the big beautiful eyes