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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Want proof that I'm really just a big nerd??

Well HERE it is . . .

Yup - that's me at Disney - a friend of mine was visiting Orlando and we met up at the Magic Kingdom. (Without the kids - yeah!) You wouldn't know it though - we acted like a couple of teenagers! :) The park was open until 2am and we ALMOST made it until then. (But we found that we're not actually cut out for the 2am crowd - we've been moms who crash at 10pm for too long!)

Anyways, it was super fun to have a relaxing girls night - plus I had LOTS of opportunities to take dumb pictures and annoy the people around me - again . . . yeah! :)

Oh! And here are some fireworks pictures - funny how the last one looks a LOT like Disney being attacked, eh?? :) Also, I want to throw this in - we met this couple during supper and saw them taking this picture themselves - I offered to do it for them and send it their way - I hope they like the result! :)


Statton Family said...

That picture of the couple is so sweet!

And you're not a dork. Well, if you are then so am I because I would totally do that too!

IVMarz said...

they are going to LOVE those pictures - I would (and do)! soooo Lady and the Tramp... adorable

Anonymous said...

I love your nerdy little self!