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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Moms Group: DELIGHT

Today I had the pleasure of meeting several moms and photographing their children. Shhh!! Don't tell yet - it's still a surprise for Father's Day. :) Anyways, I'll post a few of the ones they picked here - what a cute group of kiddos!! :) Later I'll post my favorites - I think it's so interesting how my favorites and my client's favorites are often very different - but that doesn't surprise me - everybody is different. :)

Anyways, I added a new feature to my blog - not sure I'll keep it but I was pretty excited - it's music!! :) I have it set so that it won't automatically turn on - that way those of you checking in at work won't get caught!! :D But I am a big fan of music - not all of it is necessarily main stream and "cool" but I don't care - I just like that I get to share what I like! :) I'll change it and update it - mostly because I'm always changing what I am listening to - so if you want to hear what I like, click play! :)

Here are a few images from today - seriously - I'm warning you - these kids are ADORABLE!! :) So here's a little sneak preview for the moms . . . and I'll let you know when there is more to see! :) It was nice to meet you all!


IVMarz said...

YAHOOO!!! I love them, of course. :o) I remembered as I was driving away... I love the one of Micheal and his mommy's feet. I so should have copied that!! ;o)

Statton Family said...

I just love them! Those are some super cute kids!!! I love the laptop one!

Markus and Sarah said...

Nice captures again, Elisabeth! The one with the laptop is so well exposed. Definately my favorite. Keep them coming! (M)