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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last night we went to Sea World with some friends - Did you know that Sea World is even BETTER at night? We go a lot during the day and it is SO hot and the kids get tired, hungry & whiny really fast - not at night. :) It's cooled down a LOT (at about 75-80 degrees), the sun goes down, lights come on - and the music starts. LOUDLY. Micah and Ella weren't sure exactly what to think of the noise - but BOY did their mama enjoy it! :) Fortunately, they're not old enough to be embarassed by my lame attempts at dancing. (UNfortunately, my friends ARE!)

ANYways - here's some pics of the kids enjoying the evening - I might have some more in the next few days . . .


Markus and Sarah said...

If you like loud music you would certainly love shopping in Manila!

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

That's the wierd part - I HATE loud music . . . but that's usually because loud music NORMALLY goes hand in hand with a crowded room and . . . well, crowded. :) I don't do crowds of people. BUT, it was strangly not busy at Sea World and while the MUSIC was loud, everything else was quiet - and so I let loose a bit and had some fun :D