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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Out-Takes, Part 2

Ok so here's my second set of "out-takes" . . . First we have Heather. :) Ahh, Heather - thinking back on their visit here makes me smile. We had SO much fun!!! We were out for lunch one day near the end of their visit - Poor Dave was just tryin' to get through his lunch. :D haha!!
Then, the next picture is one that I took of Heather . . . I was bending over taking a picture and she was sitting behind me on the ground. Lydia said she was making FUN of me, so I bent down, and shot her through my legs. The following is the resulting shot. It looks SO much better the way I shot it, upside down. :)

OK so then there's THIS one - Check out my sun flare :D Best flare of the day, and of COURSE it's a picture of Heather's hind end . . . oh well, I still think it rocks!

Lastly, there's Lydia . . . and Larry. Larry jumped in (last minute) and scared poor Lydia to death. Great guy!! Unfortunately, I didn't have paper with which to write his address down (he wanted a copy of this picture) - so I'm hoping to bump into him again one day in downtown. :D


Anonymous said...

Wow, Dave actually looks a little scared of me! And yes, nice lens flare on my butt. Go Elisabeth!

hjemme bra said...

If you take a look at my blog - to the rigth almost at the top - you'll find an award to you!

You take great photoes, and are a good writer!

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Aww - Thanks so very much!! That's really kind :)