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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday April 15th -

This morning Matthew and I are headed to the hospital again. We had a nice visit Monday evening after I wasn't feeling so good. He took me to the doctor (since they were open still) and they just sent us straight over to the hospital. Our doctor told us to plan on having the baby either that night or early the next day. (Bp was very high, other signs pointed to preeclampsia.)

So we nervously laughed and got in the car, heading to the hospital. :) Both of us realized REALLY quick we weren't QUITE ready to be parents again - not without a little more notice - but of course, that isn't how it works with babies, is it? ;) After we got there they did some blood work and other lab tests, as well as regular blood pressure checks. WOULD YOU BELIEVE that my bp started going down? It ended up "higher than normal" but not crazy high - and then my labs all came back within normal range as well.

Part of me was relieved - I'm definately NOT looking to experience preeclampsia for the third time, it ain't fun to be sick like that AND THEN have a c-section to recover from with a little baby. But part of me was disappointed - I want this all OVER! ha!

So after talking with the doctor he decided that what's goign on is called PIH - Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. Which of course could, at any time (with out any warning) turn INTO preeclampsia. So since there was no reason to do the c-section Monday night or early Tuesday, he wants to wait until Saturday - 38 weeks - and then probably go ahead and do the surgery and hopefully avoid this turning into preeclampsia. I'm cool with that.

Today we're going back to the hospital though - I have a lovely bright orange bucket of, um . . . well let's just say it ain't juice! - and they are going to test that as well as do more blood work. If there is ANY sign of preeclampsia then we get a baby today probably. :) If we can hold off a few more days then she'll probably come Saturday.

Of course that's not leaving ANY room for God to work - because His plan is something completely hidden from us in this. :) ha! He could take away all of the PIH and we could end up waiting another 2 weeks for her to come - so I guess this is a post to say - who the heck knows what's happening?!?! I guess the answer would be - Only God - and He has yet to tell us what to expect, so we just carry that handy hospital bag with us every time we go to the doctor or the hospital. ;)

The kids are excited - I'm starting to dread what's ahead (not the new baby part - just the surgery/recovery part) - and matthew is . . . well, a little stressed. :) He's desperately trying to get caught up and then ahead at his jobs so that when the baby does come he doesn't fall too far behind. :) Hmmm - well that's my update this Wednesday morning. If anything "exciting" happens I'll eventually have something more interesting to share!


mandi brower said...

Very exciting! We'll be praying for you guys!

Lisa McAmis said...

I am praying for you!

IVMarz said...

Praying for you and Matthew!