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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Big Day is Here!

We are all excited. :) Micah is THRILLED and can't wait to meet her. Ella is a little confused as to how EXACTLY this is all going to work out - I mean, you can see her point. She's in my stomach, and Ella knows I'm having surgery - and then *poof* she's just HERE?

My voice is 80% gone but that's OK because I really have nothing to say - if I could drink something it might come back quicker but NO eating or drinking after midnight last night. :) My last meal (at 10:30) was a yummy ham sandwich from some ham my grandma left me yesterday - haven't had ham in a while because of the salt content and I decided what is the WORST that could happen!? Oh and some delicious applesauce & cottage cheese. :) OH - and 5 reeses pb cups. Can't forget those. So that'll have to do until late tonight or tomorrow when I am eating again. :) I gotta say - I'm not all that hungry . . . too many other things to worry about, right? ;)

So YEAH - today's the day. :) We THINK we have a name but since we really don't know for sure (and since we've waited THIS long already) I think we'll wait and announce her name after she's here and we KNOW that yes, that is who she is. :) Thanks so much for your kind emails, prayers, and comments - we really REALLY appreciate it!

OK - that's it - I've got to find something to do to fill my time and mind - I'll update from here on out as I can :)


Kara said...

So excited!!! and praying!!!

Amber Wright said...

BEYOND thrilled!! It's almost noon so I know you have to be getting antsy now!!! UGH I can't imagine the waiting!!!

May God give you peace and calmness and the strength to be strong through your surgery and the mental ability to relish in your daughters 1st moments. AMEN


Lisa McAmis said...

You should have a new baby by now. I have kept you in my prayers all day. Can't wait to hear the good news!

Lucid Imaging said...

I'm dyin' here!!! So?? I know, I know, you just had a baby, but seriously.... update the blog!!

Christina Herrero said...

Stacy Larsen told me today was the big day! I hope everything went well! It just seems like yesterday you were taking Lola's newborn pics and in your first trimester. Enjoy every moment (even the tough ones) because as you know, it goes too fast!
Love, Christi Herrero

Sarah Wheeler said...

I hope that everything is going well for you, and your new little one. I can't wait to see photos!