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Thursday, April 16, 2009

No baby yet!

No baby yet. :) And no baby until this coming Tuesday - probably. ;) If it weren't for the weekend - and the fact that the hospital won't schedule a c-section on the weekend (reserved for emergencies, plus they probably have less people around) - then she would come Saturday. But we're put off until the first of next week.

Monday is full - ha! And so Tuesday it is - 2pm. So we're bumped up a week from what the plan WAS. Ahh - the "plan" - the ever-changing, completely useless "plan". So I have another several days of bed rest ahead of me (Give me patience, Lord!) and so long as my blood pressure remains healthy and there are no new signs of preclampsia developing, we wait until Tuesday. :)

The kids are pleased - I think they're having more fun than our normal life! Ella's first words out of her mouth this morning were, "Good Morning Mommy. Who is coming to get us today? When will they be here? I think it will be Grandma Esther...." and she is right. :) Grandma Esther WILL be here at some point to play with them, I think they'll hit the park and run some errands. Things we'd normally do but NOW the things that we normally do are watch movies in bed, read books, I comb Barbie's hair and dress her OVER and OVER (fortunately she does not have many outfits to change her into!), check out Micah's REALLY cool lego space ships - he makes new ones every day, oh and I can't forget . . . referee! :)

Yes, I am to be considered at LEAST a part-time referee. Micah and Ella play so well but they ARE siblings - and they manage to hurt each other's feelings frequently. Fortunately it's over really silly things such as, "Micah wants to play pretend-Star Wars and I want to play REAL-Star Wars" or "Ella doesn't want to play with my cars, she wants to only play with her dolls" and another one I heard yesterday (only a little worrisome - ha!) was "Micah is Luke Skywalker and he won't marry me! I'm Princess Leia and Luke has to marry me!" . . . I tried to explain to her that Luke and Leia were actually brother and sister - just like micah and Ella. And, just like Micah and Ella can't get married, neither can Luke and Leia. She just doesn't quite get it. :)

OK enough for today - I wish I had some sort of interesting picture to share. How about a mental one?? Yesteraday: Ella, purple Little Mermaid underwear on her head (her hat), dark and light blue striped leggings on her arms, big poofy tinkerbell skirt, one pink ankle sock and one white knee sock . . . she was decked out and ready to GO!

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