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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kites were not made for windy days . . .

At least not the $1 kites from Wal-Mart. Today we're playing with our cousin/niece, Alex, and while we were running errands this morning we hit the jackpot! Kites for $1 - Micah found a Transformers kite, Alex found a Hannah Montana kite and Ella of COURSE ended up with Barbie "Da-Punzel". (A side note to those who might not remember - Ella is a little on the ghetto side and instead of Rapunzel, pronounces it "Da-Punzel".) :)

We finished our errands, had lunch (my intention was of course to feed them something "healthy" at home - but the little one in my belly who currently is in charge was INSISTING on food and we were nowhere near home). :) Micah and Alex ate more Taco Bell than I thought was POSSIBLE - seriously, I've never seen that girl eat so much at one sitting! And baby #3 and I managed quite fine with our strips from the Fil-A. ;)

We got home just a little while ago and pulled the kites out. I figured if we did it in the front yard it would be less windy (the back yard is like a wind tunnel!) . . . but it was still too much. We put the kites together inside (which was by far the best part of the activity) and then took them outside. This is where I got a couple of pictures. Then - it all went to pot.

A big wind came up, grabbed the kites - the kids let go in their excitement (even though I was shouting "wait! Wait!" - and immediately all three kites, kite tails, kite strings and three children were tangled up together. Micah was on the verge of tears because he was wound around so tight he could barely move, Ella was panicking (and shrieking) because Barbie Da-Punzel was getting stepped on, and Alex was standing there calmly. She looked at me and said, "I'm not sure this was the best idea." HA!

She's right. So after about 15 minutes of me standing there surrounded by the chaos - trying in vain to untangle three kites, three kite tails, three kite strings and three children - I said, "That's it! This is the biggest waste of $3 EVER!" :) Micah was loose (after lots of wiggling and finally taking his shoes off) and he went inside for scissors. While he was doing that I managed to get Ella free and Alex took care of herself. She again said to me, "That wasn't that much fun . . . I think it's too windy." :) She cracks me up! I agreed and told her it wasn't supposed to go like that. . . . ahh - the best laid plans. :)




oh yeah - these are the ONLy pictures I took. They're not great - and they don't show ANY of the drama - but at least it's something. ;)


Markus and Sarah said...

Ha, this cracked me up! I've never had much luck with kids and kites either. Maybe we can give it another go this fall? :-)

mandi brower said...

Ha ha...what a funny picture I got in my head when I read this! I bet they appreciated that you weren't taking pictures while they were tangled up!

Sarah Wheeler said...

Too funny, LOL! Hopefully there weren't any tears involved :(

Anonymous said...

great story!!! mom hah ha ha.