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Friday, April 10, 2009

SO....Bed Rest it is!

Yes. It's true - I've been officially sent to bed. Indefinately it seems. Wednesday morning I headed to the doctor for my appointment and KNEW this was coming. I will not - WILL NOT - share a picture of my feet and the swelling that is taking place in them with you, but I will tell you that it is horribly embarassing and immediately alarming to my nurses & doctor. :) So was my blood pressure - which has been kinda steadily rising the last few weeks. Wednesday morning we were at 160/80 which isn't HORRIBLE, but it isn't good either - and all of us realize that there really isn't much notice before it just pops up good and high and we HAVE to get the baby out.

So Wednesday my doctor informed me that I needed to take my headache-ridden self home and STAY IN BED. I mostly followed the directions - life is busy and with two little ones I'm not exactly able to just lounge around all day long. But I've been resting a LOT more than I had been the last few weeks and am happy to report that between Wednesday and this morning (Friday - back to the doctor for a bp check!) my swelling had gone down enough to make me lose 3 pounds - WOOHOOO! If only I could count those 3 pounds as ACTUAL weight loss, but then again, the weight GAIN at this point is so sudden and high that I KNOW it's water retention from the high bp, but that doesn't make a girl feel a whole lot better about it, ya know?

So today my bp is still at 160/80 but the swelling has gone down a little and I commented to my mom and sister today that I can ALMOST see my ankle bones. More like I can see where they WOULD be . . . Lydia and mom looked at each other like I was crazy. Mom said - it still isn't GOOD, but yes it is better. :) Nice of them to try to make me feel better about myself, eh? ;) haha!

So my maternity leave started a little early - instead of starting on Sunday - Easter Day - it started abruptly on Wednesday morning. Unfortunately that changes some of my plans - but I have to acknowledge that even though I make all KINDS of plans, I am still not in control of this crazy ride called life. :)

The c-section is scheduled now - April 28th at noon - but my doctor does not expect me to make it to that date. Who knows - we might! But if we don't I will definately let everybody know as soon as I can that she has arrived. Again - we STILL do not have a name for this little girl! So PLEASE if you have ANY suggestions - here are names that are on our "like" list so you can see what direction we're headed:

(By the way - in case Matthew reads this - I realize that YOU do not like all of the names on here but I am putting your favs and mine also, even though they don't mesh up - sorry babe!) ;)

Olivia or Olyvia
Helena or Helaina

I think there are a few more - none of these are "it" - at least not until we meet her - but I would definately love to have more names added since there is only ONE name on that list that we can both even remotely agree on. ;) So it looks like a big list - but really, it's only ONE name with some others that are causing a little bit of stress in our relationship. ;)

Since each blog SHOULD have a picture - here are three. In order, the last three Easters - note: these are SNAPSHOTS that Matthew and I took. Not "artwork" - haha!

easter 2006

easter 2007

easter 2008


mandi brower said...

Ooh...Ava is pretty. How about Kalahn (kaylyn)? :) Or are we the only geeks that would name our children after fantasy characters? Ha!

IVMarz said...


I don't know if that link goes through, but I Googled "old girl names" and it was the top one. It seems that you may as well be working off that list anyways (if you're not) as almost all of your choices are on there. Some that are not:
- Chloe
- Grace
- Hannah
- Sadie
- Victoria (yahoo!)

I forget... does the nugget have a middle name yet?

You have some great options. How would you pronounce "Elina"?

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Thanks V! :) Yes it turns out I have really old-fashioned taste . . . mom found a name book from the 60's-70's and it was a book of "old" names - ha! So it was old for THAT time . . . and ALL of my names are in it - ha!

Elina would be pronounced "el-LEAN-ah" - that's as phonetic as I can make it. :)No middle name yet . . .

Mandi - I just have to convince Matthew about Ava ;)