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Monday, April 27, 2009

Introducing Olivia Abigail!

We are home. :) We came home Friday in the early evening and we are doing well. I'm very VERY tired - pretty weak too - but all is well. The kids are enjoying their little sister, and so are we. She is (so far) a very content and laid back baby - and she looks just like Micah did when he was born. :)

Her stats:

Born 3:23pm
Weight 7lb 2oz
Length 18 3/4in

And a few pictures - nothing fancy. :) Matthew may blog a little more later on for me . . .

Olivia Abigail's Arrival

Olivia Abigail's Arrival

Olivia Abigail's Arrival

Olivia Abigail's Arrival


Lisa McAmis said...

Congratulations Elisabeth. Olivia is beautiful. What a great looking family!

Anonymous said...

OH!!! She's is SUCH a cutie!!! Micah & Ella look totally pumped about her! Keep the photos coming.... you know, when you've got nothing else to do =)

Forgjengelige ting said...

What a gift!! three beautiful kids!! You all look great!! Congratulations!!

hjemme bra said...

Congratulations to you, Elisabeth and Mathew, Micha and Ella!
Your baby Olivia is soooo qute!!!
And what a beautiful name!

Kara said...

Wow - She is precious!!! Is that dark hair I see??? Praying for fast recovery and so happy to get the details.

Markus and Sarah said...

She's so beautiful!!!! The more I see pictures, the more I ache to be on the other side of the world. This summer is going to be amazing - 4 Meisel sisters + all 5 kiddos = lots of hugs and kisses and playing together everyday. Yay!!!!!!!

alicia said...


Adrienne Hamilton said...

She is beautiful!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!!
A perfect name for a perfect little girl!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diana said...

She is beautiful :O) congrats!

Kate said...

YAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! Soooo excited for y'all and little Olivia's safe arrival!!!! :D She is ADORABLE!!!! Are you recovering ok? CONGRATS you guys, love to you 5!! xoxo

Kate said...

p.s. Chloe's middle name is Abigail....great choice, love it! ;)