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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh, Goodness Gracious, Me-oh-MY!

This evening I met the C family - and I have to tell you, Miss Madison STOLE my heart! Her big brother Tyler was a blast - and SO much fun (the boy version of my own three year old!) . . . but Maddie. Oh Maddie - your sparkly blue eyes, your curls & those CHEEKS! She had also JUST started waving with her teeny pudgy hands (in the last few days, her mom tells me!) and she waved and watched her big brother run around the yard. :)

What fun! I'll be honest - I'm kinda tired . . . I'm not as quick on my feet as I've been known to be in the past....but that didn't stop us from gettins some super fun family pictures. :) Tyler played soccer, "shot" bubbles around from his bubble-gun, and of COURSE there was sand and a dump truck! All the while, sweet Maddie watched, very interested in all that he was doing - and not so interested in me pointing my big "eye" in her face. ;)

Bill & Gina, it was so great to meet you guys - and Gina I am so sorry for the panic I caused you over where we'd meet! Preggo-brain strikes again - thank goodness you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Here's your sneak peek, I didn't even last 2 hours before I couldn't help myself from looking through them!







I've been wanting to try this - Thanks for indulging me guys!



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eba said...

Oh man, I love these!!! <3