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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just for fun - The Zoo!

Here in Florida, when it gets 'cold' (like, 65 F), we like to do outside stuff as much as possible. We tend to hide indoors during the heat of the day in the summer - or even the winter when it's still 85 degrees out! - but this last week has brought a nice change of weather with it. :) Cooler days, highs of 68 . . . and "cold" nights (at least to us Floridians!).

Last week we took one of the colder days and went off to the zoo - we don't have to go far, we can hear the monkeys howling from our house on a quiet day. :) Emily and Ethan met us there and the kids had a blast. It was also the first time in a couple of weeks that I had picked up the camera - I went through some wierd "I just can't bring myself to do it" phase . . . and couldn't SEE anything, and therefore couldn't really photograph anything. But, I am happy to report that I once again can SEE in my head things that I want to try and do - and it pleases me to pick up the camera. I wonder if this is a normal thing or if I'm just a little "off" with everything going on? Oh well - either way, it was nice to enjoy photographing the kids for a change. :)

There are a pile of pictures - I don't think I'll bombard you with all of them tonight, but I'll probably stick a few up now and then some more later . . . because I can. HA! :) And because the kids are so darn cute that I can't exactly help myself . . . well, you know what? I'll put them all up.. :) It'll save me time later AND I want to see them all. So - here they are! (Hasn't Ethan grown so big? He was so proud of himself, doing "big boy" stuff like walking by himself, climbing . . . and Ella was so grumpy because he likes to bother her so . . . ) :)

















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IVMarz said...

So many to love! My first fave was the one with Ella's sad face and "I need a hug" shirt... the dino one and the "best bud" hugs are great too. Good work :o)