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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby News!!

OK, Internet! I've got baby news - Yes, I do realize that I just said a few weeks ago that we would probably wait to find out "who" is in here until birth - but anybody who knows me - really KNOWS me - expected this. :) Yesterday Matthew and I had an ultrasound - we'll be back every few weeks or so for more which means I get LOTS of pictures this time! :)

Little Nixon was BUSY - the poor tech worked very hard to get every little part captured on film and Little Nixon worked very hard to beat away at the person pushing and probing . . . and in effect made the process a LITTLE more difficult for our tech. :) She was up to the task though - what a fun job, eh? I'm certain they have very heartbreaking moments as well - but both ladies who were there said with much certainty that they LOVED their jobs. :) I love it when people get to love their jobs! I love mine! :) What a blessing! I get to be a mama - awesome job! :) I get to be a home-maker - another GREAT job! AND I get to be a photographer of the BEST people - I am SUPER blessed! :)

Anyway - I've decided to hold out on you, dear internet - but that's only because I'm trying to think of some fun way to announce "who" is in here. Obviously we don't have a name yet - another thing you should know about us is that it takes us 3-4 days IN THE HOSPITAL to settle on a name - nobody comes into this world, in our family, with a name COMPLETELY decided. :) There is way too much second-guessing to do!

So at this point, I'm going to say check back on Friday - January 9th - at noon (EST) - and there will be "something" here for you. :) In the meantime, if you want to make guesses . . . perhaps I'll be able to find something FUN for a lucky commentor - just make sure to check back to see if YOU were the lucky one, ok? :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!


IVMarz said...
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IVMarz said...

I love the idea of a Henry (not that it would happen anyways, but I'm rootin for ya), but I'm going to guess... girl. Mackenzie? Malia (who wouldn't want their kid named after me?!) haha! anyway, if it is a boy, stick with Henry ;o) or if you want to keep the M/E trad going, Martin is a great name... and his middle name could be Ezra. Martinez Ra Nixon, I mean, Martin Ezra Nixon! or Mitchell, Montana or (I'm sure Micah would love) Moon. Your choice ;o)

Lisa McAmis said...

Hey Elisabeth,

Ok, if it is a girl. Let's see...an "E" name. Hmmmm, maybe Elaine, Eliana, Evelyn, Eve. But, if it is a boy, I totally love Max. Wait, Mitchell is nice too. Oh and I like Michael too.

Anyway, I am going to guess BOY! A little Max running around the house!

Can't wait to check in on Friday and see your big announcement!