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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Arlo & Kandy - Wedding

I am finally getting to the blogging of Kandy & Arlo's pictures - what fun! :) The editing is almost as fun as shooting the actual day - but I LOVE to share them! These two were married on Arlo's property behind the house - there's a little pond back there with a small island in the middle. Arlo had built a beautiful white bridge over to the pond and so the ceremony was set there - how sweet!! I'll have more pictures to share I'm sure - but for now, here's a start. :) Just a little teaser for them . . .







Esther Meisel said...

i really like these pics! a happy day and pictures bring back those memories. i love the white dress and blue flowers picture. and kandy's hands with Arlo.

hjemme bra said...

Love your pictures! You are soooo good at taking photoes!!!!

Beach Weddings said...

Beach Weddings are also popular in Florida, love your photos !