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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Headed to Vegas!


We (sans kids) are headed to Vegas EARLY tomorrow morning. :) Matthew's sister is getting married Saturday evening and we're meeting up with them and a bunch of other friends and family - so it's not just a regular "vacation" - in fact, we'll be gone just a couple of days. :)

Matthew and I aren't exactly what you could consider "Vegas-kind" of people . . . I will be the one with my jaw hanging to the ground as I take in the people, streets, buildings . . . and everythign else. :) We tend to be more the kind of people who want to get AWAY from big cities - but this is going to be a very special trip and we are SO excited to see Sara and Chris get married on Saturday! (No, Elvis will not be attending the wedding - it's going to be a "proper" wedding, just in Vegas!) I'll have pictures, of course, afterwards - so keep checking back.

Alrighty - I've got to go finalize the packing and see what the big "boom" was that just came from my bedroom (Ella's in there alone . . . ) See ya in a few days!! Here are two pictures of Sara and Chris from way back . . . not their favorite picture but one of the few that I have of them. :)

sara & chris 3

sara & chris 2

(Gimme a break - I was shooting in the DARK!!) :D

(Gimme a break - I was shooting in the DARK!!) :D

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