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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We're home and *mostly* unpacked :)

Yes, we arrived last night around 9pm - it was a long day of driving, especially since we stopped about every hour to use the restroom. (This was NOT my fault either - they tried to blame it on the pregnant chick but it was actually the KIDS who made us stop the most!) :) After we almost had to pull over for Ella to use the "trees" (as she called it) - I thought seriously about not feeding them or letting them drink the rest of the day. :D BUT, I'm not THAT kind of mother! :)

We didn't take very many pictures while in Tennessee this time - it rained the first couple of days, the kids were sick (Micah most of the time), I had a lovely bout of morning/noon/night sickness (yay!), and in general, we didn't "do" much. :) We did take some pictures one day in the woods but I don't have those - they are on my Father-in-law's camera, so maybe I'll get to see them someday, but not now. I just had a few and thought I'd share. One "storyboard" of the kids as we travelled along - they really were SUCH good travelers! We did not watch that much TV - they were able to look outside, tell stories with us, play with their toys, color - they kept themselves busy and that was great.

The other couple of pictures are just of Ella. Sh ewas playing one morning and I got a little sad because she has chnaged SO MUCH in the last few weeks . . . I almost didn't recognize her that morning, she was doing such "big girl" things. So I sneaked some pictures while she was playing. :)

Enjoy and I'll be back to my "regular" posting shortly I hope! :) Oh - and in "other news" - my computer is still not completely functional - hopefully after a rebuild I'll be able to proceed "normally". This whole virus thing STINKS! :(





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IVMarz said...

welcome back! we're glad to have ya :o)