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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sleep, sleep baby . . .

Yesterday my mom asked me if I had any pictures of the kids sleeping. I do, but they're all old - and as Ella napped yesterday I snapped a few of her. She has grown so much in the last 3 years - sometimes I look at her and don't recognize her as the same baby girl I held in my arms! Sometimes I don't even recognize her from the same little girl I held a month ago - time goes too fast. :( So I took a few of her beautiful eyes . . . her sweet nose . . . her round cheeks that will all-too-soon slim out and grow up.

Then last night I came home from being out with a girl friend to find both of the kids asleep in Ella's bed. (They have slept together in her "big bed" since she moved out of the crib - they are so sweet and there's a relatively short time when it's "ok" to do that, you know??) :) They were piled up on top of each other (and under ALL the blankets, sweating away, so I took off the blankets and gave them some space. A little while later I came back to find Ella sideways and Micah as innocent as I've ever seen him - and had to snap a few more. :) So these are for my mom . . . and for me too, I'm glad she asked for them!








(also, please excuse any errors in color/processing - my new computer is running AWESOME and I am LOVING my new programs . . . but I have yet to calibrate the monitor and so am working rather "blind" as to what is right and wrong with the brightness/contrast and color on my monitor. So if it's off . . . SORRY! :) In the next day or so I'll be completely finished and stuff will look "normal" again. ;)

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Forgjengelige ting said...

Oh, how sweet shots!! sleeping beauties!!

Wish you a blessed Christmas Season!!