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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Name for Baby #3

Well, I haven't mentioned much about this pregnancy on the blog - mostly because I've been so busy these last few months that I tend to forget I'm even pregnant. Occasionally I'll feel that little bumping around and am reminded that I'm not alone. :) With Micah, the moment they gave me the "go ahead" to get my ultrasound, I had it scheduled within hours. Ella - well, it probably took me a day or two. Poor baby #3. This little peanut is a big "unknown" and it's all my fault. :) Almost 2 months ago I was given the script for the ultrasound (we're getting a level 2 ultrasound because of previous complications in my pregnancies - which just means that I can't go to a "regular" place to do it and it takes longer to schedule) - and for almost TWO MONTHS I have forgotten to call. At my last doctor's visit they asked me AGAIN if I was ever going to go - so I figured it was in my best interest to get on it.

I can't really call it "procrastinating" because I HONESTLY am not procrastinating! I just can't REMEMBER! :) Anyway, there's no way to find out before the holidays and we'll be waiting until at least January 5th - unless there's a cancellation ahead of time. There is some SERIOUS pressure from certain somebodies around me who INSIST that it is in my best interest to find out soon "who" is in there. :) I figure that the third time around, with already a boy and a girl, and since I already "know" the date that this little one will come (repeat c-section is already scheduled so unless there are complications we're headed for April 27th!) . . . so my "only" surprise this time around would be WHO is in there. :) Those somebodies have been forewarned. They may get to peek at my envelope with the answer inside . . . but as of right now I don't want to know. :) I want to be surprised. And if they screw up and accidently spill the beans . . . well, that's OK too. Of course this is all depending upon my ability to hold out another 19 weeks - which is definately something I wouldn't bet on!

OK - the point of this LONG and blabbering post . . . Ella has come up with a name for the baby. :) She makes me laugh! They have turned down all of the names we've discussed - either they're not "cool" enough (like Jasper or Target - WHO would name their kid Target?? Micah would!!) - or they're not special (like using our friend's name, Ethan or Emily - I tried to explain, they're already taken!) . . . but they have their reasons for turning down our names we like. Fortunately for us (not for them I guess) WE - Matthew and I - get to choose the name. He turns down most of my favorites, but I'm sure we'll come to some sort of compromise. It won't be the first time!

So Ella comes in this morning and wakes me up VERY early - like 5am early. She tells me this, "Mama - Mama - I have a name for your baby - is a weally (really) GOOD name!" I ask her - "What is it?" And she smiles and says, "Jesus!" Haha - what a sweet heart - her little self is already in love with Jesus - she is very excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas - excited to get presents on His birthday. :) She also likes to remind me that "Jesus died on the cross for my sins Mama". I'm not sure what kind of real understanding she has - or if she's just parroting at this point - but either way, it makes my heart smile to hear. She really WOULD love to name this baby Jesus!

Well, Micah heard us talking about it this afternoon and said - "No, no, no! We can't name the baby Jesus. There already IS a Jesus. We don't need two Jesus'!" So that settles it - There is only ONE Baby Jesus . . . and whoever is kicking around inside me ISN'T it. :) Merry Christmas, if I don't post between now and then!


Sarah Wheeler said...

She is totally adorable, LOL! Good luck deciding on a name :)

Anonymous said...

I vote "Target" =)

eba said...

:) Finding a name is sooo exciting, isn't it! Good luck to you! ;) Great suggestion from Ella! ;)