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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Outta here!

We're heading out! Any minute now (as soon as my in-laws arrive) we are headed to Tennessee! I'm so excited - we go every year as a small group and it's so much fun! Relaxing, COLD, the boys get to hike in the mountains, we all take little walks in the woods . . . games at night . . . I can't wait! (Oh and there's this GREAT little candy shop that makes the BEST chocolate covered raisens!!) :) YUM

I will be out of town for the next little bit so if you need me, try emailing. I will attempt to keep in touch as I can, but know that my internet access is sketchy at best. :) Outlet malls . . . HERE I COME!!!!! :) (OK so I'm not seriously driving to TN to go to the outlets malls, we have like 4 right here . . . but I am looking forward to an afternoon or two of wandering with my Mother-in-law) :)

See ya!


Beth said...

Enjoy the time with family! ONE of the best parts about our honeymoon was being free from technology and enjoying each other. Have a great week.

IVMarz said...

come back! we miss you... :o)