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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas . . . especially for Markus, Sarah & Family :)

Merry Christmas morning! :) We're finished up with breakfast and presents here - and I thought that before we head over to Matt's parent's house that I'd upload some pictures from last night (Christmas Eve at my parents' house) and this morning . . . especially because then Sarah, Markus and their kids can see us . . . missing them as we celebrated. :) We love you guys!! So this is mostly a long blog of pictures - and probably most of them are WAY off in color, and I'm sorry - but until I've got things calibrated you'll have to look at it this way - I'll go back and fix the bad ones later when I can see how bad they are - I promise! ;)

First off - Baby Nixon - growing big and strong! :)


And now to the Christmas Eve celebrations, from last night . . . Micah got batteries from Lydia . . . Sarah I wish you could have seen his face and I WISH I had been ready with the camera - it was SO SO SO FUNNY!! HE was like - WHAT THE . . . ??? :) ha ha! Eventually he realized that these were HIS batteries and he could do what he wanted - that made him happier :)


Ella helping Grampy Tim...


Papa/G-G ...


Mom and dad :) (Mom won't like this picture . . . sorry mom!)


Dad and Mimi ... MAN my colors are WONKY - so sorry!!! :)


Ella with a present


And now from today, Christmas morning . . .

IMG_9961 IMG_9966

IMG_9990 IMG_9996



And my handsome hubby with his hot new beard (I got a beard trimmer for Christmas . . . for ME . . . hahaha!) That way he can't get rid of it ;)

IMG_9999 IMG_0001


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Elisabeth!!! I'm liking Matt's new beard! Hope you guys have a wonderful day together.

Markus and Sarah said...

Thank you so much dear sister! We loved the pictures and can't believe that quite possibly next year, for the first time in 7 years, we'll be spending Christmas in America with you all!!!!! Knowing that we have that to look forward to made this week a little easier! Now I'm going to go and show Levi and Emma the pictures of Micah and Ella, and we'll try to get some pictures sent back your way in the next few days. Love you soooooo much! And tell Matthew that his beard looks really good! Oh, and that battery thing was really funny too. :-)

Kate said...

YAY!!! Look look FAB girl....wow, hot mama!!! Loved the picts.....everyone looks so great! Merry Christmas!! :D

IVMarz said...

1. you look awesome
2. matthew's beard rocks
3. i miss you! I did a photo shoot this week and want to ask you some ???s about editing :o)

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Thanks guys! :) I LOVE the beard . . . have I mentioned that yet?? ;) Sarah can't wait to see some of your pictures - thanks Kate....I don't feel like a hot mama but we're over 1/2 way there now - the end draws nigh! :) And Veronica - just give me a call! :)

Amber Wright said...

I just wanted to say that I LOVE keeping up with you on your blog! It's so hard to do much with a new baby here but I LOVE reading your blogs and keeping up to date with your family!!! I miss you and tell baby Nixon "Grow baby GROW!"

Cristina said...

The kids are getting soooo big! I can hardly believe how much the two of them have grown in just three months! Even "The Tank" has gotten bigger! ;-).