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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Torres Family & Deserved Consequences . . .

Yesterday was . . . interesting, to say the least. I started out early, heading to a session before church, and on my way I received something unexpected. Fortunately it's no longer Thanksgiving and I don't have to be thankful for it. I'm driving down the road, thinking to myself of ways things I'll try at the session, how Matthew and the kids are faring as they get themselves ready for church without me (no small feat!), thinking of things I need to return to the store and get my money back (yay!) . . . and out in front of me and EIGHT other cars steps a whole slew of police officers.

They politely wave ALL of us into a parking lot and I'm immediately thinking - oh NO! Note to self - do NOT just blindly follow traffic! :( The lady next to me was a SUPERB actress, her tears seemed very real as she explained how she was late and all - and her officer let her go. Lucky dog. I was not so lucky. Perhaps it's because deep down, I'm honest. Yup, I was speeding - I didn't realize I was, but I was, and that's MY fault. So when he asked me for my license and registrations, and then my insurance - I was already FURIOUS with myself for being SO STUPID. Especially when I'm 10 minutes away from being late.

He goes off to check my information and comes back to talk about the ticket with me. He says something like, do you know how fast you were going? And I politely (and honestly) replied with, "Faster than 35??" - No, I was NOT trying to be witty or disrespectful, but I had seen a sign a while back that said 35 and even though I APPARENTLY paid no heed to it, it was there and I'd seen it. He says, "Oh. So you DID know you were speeding." I looked at him kinda sheepishly and said, "No, not really, but that's my own fault." WHY could I have not burst into tears, stuck out my baby belly some more and tried some nice dramatics on him?? Stinkin' hormones. They weren't helping me out at ALL. I always figured I'd be a cryer if I ever got pulled over - I figured I'd be incoherent and they'd end up hauling me off to jail just to wait until I'd calmed down enough to hold a conversation. But no. Instead, I'm calm, sad, REALLY mad at myself, and inside thinking "I've got to GO I'm going to be late!"

He hands me my ticket, reminds me to watch my speed and off I go. All before 9am - most expensive morning of my life. And nobody to be mad at but ME. (and believe me, I am VERY mad at me!!)

Fortunately for me, the Torres family was running a bit late and we met up without any more "incidents". What a lovely family! They truly made my morning brighter - and little Aliana was just too beautiful to not get all mushy over . . . I'm so glad we had that time together. :) They were quite understanding of my foolishness and more than happy to laugh with me at myself and then continue without further comment. :) The best kind of people!

Alex and Diana - it was really nice to finally meet you guys - I'm sorry my morning was so dramatic and I was a little "off" at first. Thanks for putting up with my blank stares at first and helping me get over myself. :D You have one of THE MOST beautiful baby girls I have ever seen (if I could put my order in for what my little girl would look like, I'd model her right after Aliana!!) - and even though she's not as little as she was 3 months ago, she is probably, if it's possible, cuter than ever at this age. :) I hope you like your preview!

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