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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Steve & Cristina

I am late in adding text to this posting. Sorry! I wanted to get the pictures up early yesterday morning and didn't have a minute to write anything. But that doesn't mean I didn't WANT to! This is Steve and Cristina - some really awesome friends of ours. They asked to have their pictures taken for a special reason - Cristina leaves in less than a month to deploy to Germany for just over 6 months. She wanted something to take with her, as well as something to leave behind with Steve. I'm excited for her to have this experience but of course we're all sad to be left behind. She's leaving behind a great hubby, a brand new house (congrats!), ME, oh and the rest of her family and friends. :) Anyway, love you guys so much, thanks for letting me spend this time with you and I hope you love your images!


Sissy's ChaCha said...

Mi familia! Your such a wicked photographer! I really love your work! It is just so beautiful! Anybody can take a bunch of pictures and get lucky with one but what you do is just magic.

Elisabeth Nixon Photography said...

Thanks! :) That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! :D