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Monday, September 1, 2008

Plimpton Baby

These are the images from a maternity session that Kara and I had a few weeks ago. Since then, she and her hubby have welcomed their little boy into the world! I am so excited to go over and meet him (hopefully later this week!) and I might even sneak my camera in with me to show him off to everybody else (as if they're not doing that on their own!). Kara and I met up three times during her pregnancy to get a little bit of an "overview" of their baby's growth - and BOY did that boy grow! :) One set below is a storyboard set of the changes Kara went through the last nine months. Congratulations Kara and Micah - I cannot WAIT to meet that sweet baby boy of yours!


Also, on a side note - My own son, Micah (otherwise known as "little micah" when Kara's "Big Micah" is around) has always loved Kara. Ever since he was born (my Micah) has been fascinated with her curly blonde hair, her smile - he's just always LOVED her! Nothing has changed - although he was a little concerned about her belly being in the way - but I loved this little series . . . and how Kara always finds just a few minutes to make Little Micah feel special. :)


Kate said...

LUUUUUUVE them......great shots of that sweetheart Kara....Zayne is a cutiepie.....catch some good ones of him!!!! Please!!! :D xoxo Love the one of you and Matthew at the beach, too cute! Ok, time to head to FL again.....winter is coming here. boohoo.

Kara said...

These pictures are amazing! My favorite are the ones of Micah and I. He just melts my heart. Can't wait to show you our precious little guy. Come visit soon!