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Thursday, September 25, 2008


On Monday I met little Emmie - oh my goodness, she's so sweet that it just melts my heart! Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she also has the most gorgeous sister too! Mom and dad - well done . . . well done. Big sister Hannah was such a good girl - she played with some toys that my kids had left out - and when we called her over to take some pictures with her baby sister, she could not have been cuter. She gently leaned over, giving Emmie kiss after kiss. She carefully touched her tummy and her head, being careful not to wake her sister.

Emmie is so FUNNY! I have seen lots of babies who like movement - very few don't like movement, right? Well Emmie's parents are discussing the possibility of inventing some sort of ferris-wheeled, up & down, side-to-side motioned contraption. Emmie not only prefers to be moving, but she prefers all of these movements at once. (talk about a work out!) :) She likes to be cuddled close and then rocked back and forth. Then she prefers you to bounce a little as well. Oh and then, while you're bouncing, it would be great if you'd throw in there some up and around, down and back around movements. Yeah, that'd be great. And THEN she might fall asleep for you. :) Oh she made me laugh!

To Emmie's mom & dad - I'm so glad you brought the girls over - it was so much fun! I loved seeing you both again and meeting the girls was very special! I really hope that you love the pictures as much as I loved making them for you!

(Let's start with some sweet baby fuzz . . . the best kind, shoulder fuzz!)


Christopher said...

That 2nd shot is amazing. What a keeper!

Markus and Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, what a BEAUTIFUL family and Hannah and Emmie are simply gorgeous. Great pictures too, by the way!