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Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Ethan!

Little Ethan celebrated his first birthday just before I left for Canada a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I am just now finishing up his Birthday Cake Session pictures. I would love to tell you that he THOROUGHLY enjoyed the cake and the mess but . . . well, that would be a lie. That poor baby did not want ANYTHING to do with my cake. (Note to self: Do NOT refrigerate prior to baby sticking warm toes and fingers into cake!) Oops. My bad!

We started off just playing together a bit (and he was really NOT wanting much to do with me and NOTHING to do with my camera), so we went outside by ourselves. He was pretty interested in the grass and of course everything that was NOT on the blanket. :) Emily was a WONDERFUL test subject for me and her mama's got a couple of cute pictures of her because she was SUCH a big help. :) Oh well, Ethan DID eat SOME of the cake, and he didn't cry the WHOLE time - evidenced by the abundance of pictures where you see no tears. (I decided NOT to be "that photographer" who posts pictures of babies crying . . . while it is sometimes funny, his mama would probably whack me for it!

Anyway, Happy (late) First Birthday Ethan! I cannot believe you're one year old - for rememberance sake, I'll post one picture of TEENY TINY Ethan before his birthday pictures. :)

Ethan 1
SB Ethan Cake2net


IVMarz said...

Gone by so fast! I love that first one of him crawling... he looks so cute. Congrats Jessica, you made it! I had to look back at his first photo shoot and wow - what a big boy now :o) Elisabeth, you just get better and better...

Forgjengelige ting said...

Very pretty shots!!